Finally getting your dream pool? How to easily avoid insurance nightmares

Finally getting your dream pool? How to easily avoid insurance nightmares

Swimming pools are among the most valued amenities in a home, providing hours of fun in the sun. Realtors consistently say a pool adds significant value when an owner lists a home. 

However, part of owning a pool is obtaining the appropriate homeowner's insurance policy to cover summer-time fun.

Here are some facts to ponder: 

  1. Your Local Codes: 

Every municipality has a unique set of codes and regulations when it comes to breaking ground and installing a large quantity of water, concrete and surrounding decorations. It’s imperative to meet all requirements for safety equipment, including fences and locks. 

  1. Liability:

Installing a pool up to code means accounting for safety measures to keep loved ones and friends safe. Although a pool owner may meet all requirements, accidents may still occur that lead to accompanying medical bills or lawsuits.

We simply recommend having a conversation with one of our highly trained agents to consider increasing your coverage to protect your family from legal and financial headaches before they happen.

  1. Replacement or Repair Costs: 

Just as swimming pools come at a significant cost, so do its repairs. Damage from severe weather, a toppled tree or even a car crash can render the pool unusable in seconds. It can also mean damage to pool furniture and even a surrounding deck or patio area.

We can review your policy to make sure your property insurance covers costs in case of damage your pool.

Pools can be a great investment. And one can easily avoid going underwater financially if disaster does strike. We’d be happy to talk through a policy that is both priced correctly and protects if disaster strikes.

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